In this section we will include some demos of the technologies developed under the research, if you need more information please follow the given links or refer to the paper.


Loopalooza is a system that estimates and manipulates rhythmic structures from audio loops in real-time to perform syncopation transformations. The core of our system is a technique for the manipulation of syncopation in symbolic representations of rhythm. In order to apply this technique to audio signals we must first segment the audio loop into musical events using onset detection. Then, we use the symbolic syncopation transformation method to determine how to modify the rhythmic structure in order to change the syncopation. Finally we reconstruct the audio loop using one of two alternative methods, one based on time scaling and the other on resampling. Our system, Loopalooza, is implemented as a freely available MaxForLive device to allow musicians and DJs to manipulate syncopation in audio loops in real-time. One can obtain a multitude of rhythmic variations from a single audio source.



Live Drum Transcription (LDT)

We implemented in Max For Live an audio drum transcription algorithm in MaxMSP, which can transcribe kick, snare, and hi-hat from live drum performances. The software takes live audio or files as input and triggers events for each drum type as output.



Tonal Interval Space Library

The Tonal Interval Space is an extended type of pitch space that represents human perceptions of pitches, chords and keys as well as music theory principles as distances. Multi-level pitch configurations are represented in the space as 12-dimentional Tonal Interval Vectors (TIVs).

It has been applied in:

  • Key finding from symbolic music notation and musical audio

  • Generation of harmonic progressions

  • Harmonisation of user-given melodies

  • Transformation of harmonies in a user-given piece

  • Mashup creation

  • Performance

  • DSP FX