Sound Tech

Often in sound engineering, when no one notices your work, usually indicates that all went smoothly and in harmony, and everyone is happy, sounds a bit ungrateful, but it's also a gratifying job. That, pretty much defines the work of a sound engineer, to solve and anticipate problems before they happen. Our job is to make the artist happy and comfortable and to understand the artist needs in a give and take dialog. It's important that both sides understand each other well.

Often, I'm involved in 'Arca de Sons' productions which includes: Daniel Pereira Cristo, Manuel de Oliveira, FIGG (Guimarães International Guitar Festival), Shaduf, Maria Quê, Festival Celta (Certame Lusitano de Tunas Académicas), Terreiro dos Sons, among others.

With D.P.C. in Braga

Terreiro do Paço in Lisbon with D.P.C

With Claudisom

With D.P.C. in Galiza

Stage Plot

A stage plot should be clear and simple to read, and provide the necessary information for setting up the show. The secret is to keep irrelevant information away and retain essential information for the stage. For instance:

  • Power drops (AC main voltage)

  • Risers (how tall?)

  • Vocal mics ( ⦻ the crossed circle is a typical symbol to indicate vocal mics)

  • Instruments (particularly large ones)

  • Input numbers (especially when there is many coming from the same zone/instrument)

  • Wedges / Monitors

  • Chairs, tables...

Let me know if you need help with your stage plot, I have the means to produce one like the example on the left.

Technical Rider

The Technical rider is essential to provide information about the technical necessities to setup a live show and works together with the stage plot.

Anyone that doesn't know the project or the musicians names should be able to read it and identify instruments on the stage.

Accompanying the technical rider is usually the PA specifications, which give information about what type of equipment you need for the show (or that you bring yourself) in the venue. This includes information about mixing consoles and sound system.

I'm giving away my channel list template (see below). Let me know if you need help creating your channel list.

DC input-ouput Channel List Template